Saturday, February 10

Closing time for Meech's Menswear

A sad sight - a few photos I took in Meech's Menswear in Weymouth, shortly before this splendid shop closed its doors for good at the end of January 2018.

This traditional gentleman’s outfitters first opened in 1928. The shop’s owner, David Meech - son of the original owner John Henry Meech - is retiring.

They can still be found selling online at, and

See also - my blog post from 2011 on the last day at Bournemouth Rowing Club building on Bournemouth prom

Tuesday, January 16

Ice Cream For Crow - eight photos of the Weymouth beach crows from 2017

Eight photos of the crows on Weymouth beach taken in 2017. Clicking on the pics may start a slideshow/give a bigger version, depending on your set-up...

[crows, Weymouth, UK, beach, horses, pram, street photography]

[crows, Weymouth, UK, beach, dog]

[crows, Weymouth beach, twins, pram, street photography]

[crows, Weymouth beach, blind, tower, street photography]

[crows, Weymouth, UK, beach, mound]

[crows, Weymouth, UK, beach, dog, mound]

[crows, Weymouth beach, donkey trail, street photography]

[crows, Weymouth beach, seagulls, street photography]